If you want to cut the weeds in the yard of your house, you can use the Black and Decker LST136 to help you do the job. This is a good trimmer because the device can cut wild grasses and bushes perfectly. You can do the job easily and you can see your house looks clean thanks to the device. The device has good features and it is very well known for its great performance. You can learn this Black and Decker LST136 to convince yourself to buy the device.

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LST136 36v String Trimmer

LST136 Trimmer

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The features of LST 136 Black & Decker:

Long Runtime Battery

The device uses battery of 36V lithium to run. The battery helps the device for their good performance. This is because the battery has various advantages such as the following:

  • The battery is designed to help the device improve their performance.
  • The battery has a longer runtime compared to other types of batteries.
  • The battery can a charge hold a charge up to 5x longer.
  • The battery has a longer life year.

With the various advantages, you can be sure with the performance of the device. The battery supports the device to run better and more powerful.

Powercommand Dial

Another feature that makes the device perform better is its Powercommand dial. You don’t have to be upset when you see that there is different thickness of weeds in your yard. With the Powercommand dial, you can change directly the command from max power to max runtime to handle the weeds. The max power will handle the thick weed and the max runtime will be useful for a longer battery life. Powercommand dial will be helpful for you to complete the job of cutting the entire weed in your yard. Learn the Powercommand dial once you have bought the device for optimum usage.

Powerdrive Transmission

The device also has Powerdrive transmission feature. The feature has many advantages for you as well. It can deliver more power. The power is sent carefully from the motor to the cutting string. As a result, you can complete your job of cutting the weed in your yard much faster. You don’t have to spend much energy to finish your job. However, the result of your job will as neat as your expectation. Your yard will look clean and tidy making you feel more comfortable living in your own house. You will be satisfied with the performance of the Powerdrive transmission.

Using the Device

LST136 Review

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The device can be easily used because it is equipped with a manual. When you have bought the device, you can learn how to use it from the manual. You can simply turn on the power button when you want to use the button. As this is a cordless device, you don’t need to plug the device on the electrical. Instead, you only need to click the power button and set the menu you want to use. You can select either max power or max runtime to handle the thickness of the weed in your front and backyard.

With the features offered by the device, don’t hesitate to buy the device. You can learn carefully the review available on the Internet to decide whether you should buy or not.